meet our team



What still excites me about this company, even after 25 years, is my ability to learn and grow from other people around me!



Enjoy the journey! Those words couldn’t be more relevant when referring to the owners, team and experiences.

Director of Research & Development

Rafael Ortiz

I love Jelmar’s Innovation mindset. The company embraces out-of-the-box creative thinking that will enable meaningful advances to occur. This is one big reason why Jelmar is a wonderful place to work.



We work in an environment that allows you to learn and grow as well as understands work/life balance.



I love working for Jelmar, a great family-owned business with integrity and rich history.

Chief of Sales

Sarah Chadwick

I am excited about so many things having come to Jelmar recently! Being with a smaller company drives speed and ingenuity in decision making. We can develop solutions to key business problems, deliver new products and programs faster than most companies can identify there is an opportunity available. That speed and collaborative approach to driving growth is second to none and I am very fortunate to have come to Jelmar to experience it!

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Husnick

This has been one of the most fulfilling roles in my career. There’s something special about what we make happen with so few resources!

Director of eCommerce

Valeria Shumaker

I’m proud to work for a woman owned, family-oriented company, representing brands that are safe for my family and pets.

Sales Director- Industrial/Commercial

Dan Bucci

This is a very engaging place to work. The team is collaborative and open to new ideas to grow the business and to better serve our customers. We are given the opportunity to be entrepreneurial in this company!

National Sales Manager – Industrial

Ryan Butler

It’s not another step up on the ladder, it’s an opportunity to learn how to build and work with great people.

Inside Sales Manager - B2B

Harry Weiskopf

It has been exciting to be given the opportunity to join the Jelmar Team. The entrepreneurial spirit here at Jelmar, with a focus on our customers, has contributed to making the CLR brand a household name and CLR PRO a business staple.

Accounting Manager

Lisa Jarvis

I love working for a smaller company that is focused on family. After 25+ years I still love my job and enjoy the people I work with. For such a small group, we can compete with anyone out there!

Office Coordinator

Vicki Estrada

A company that cares about its customers by providing safe and effective products without using harsh chemicals.

Assistant to the CEO and COS

Cherie Cavazos

Jelmar is a small but mighty company! Being part of a creative and innovative team is inspiring and challenging, which makes working here so much fun.

Operations Coordinator

Wesley Bily

At the heart of Jelmar is the dedication of its employees to overcome every challenge as a team and propel the company into the future.

Associate Brand Manager – Commercial/Industrial

Hillary Sprengelmeyer

Jelmar has given me many opportunities to learn something new every day and work alongside a team that is passionate about providing quality products and experiences.

Marketing Assistant

Laura Dachille

I’m excited to have the opportunity to work for a company that allows you to learn and grow around such great people.

Traffic/Order Entry

Amber Saleem

Success starts here! We believe in working hard and being determined to make dreams into reality.

Who We are

Our main purpose is to create products that celebrate the obsessive pursuit of clean.