Everyday Clean package

Everyday Clean

  • A tough multi-purpose cleaner with ingredients to fight everyday dirt and grime around your entire home.
  • Designed to provide cleaning power superior to the leading brands and hence makes it an effective, hard-working and easy-to-use cleaner.
  • Product is recognized as a safer alternative to traditional chemicals by EPA’s Safer Choice Program and is safe to use around family & pets.
  • Contains no bleach.

Available in a Revitalizing Clean Lemon Scent

  • Clean Lemon


Look for Everyday Clean in this size

  • 22 oz. spray

For use on these surfaces

Safe to use on 30+ surfaces when used as directed.

  • Ceramic
  • Granite
  • Stainless Steel Exteriors
  • Tile

More information

How To Use Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  • Shake well before use
  • Turn nozzle to “on”, aim at soil or stain or intended surface and depress trigger 3 to 5 times
  • Wipe off with a dry clean cloth
  • For even better soil & stain removal, allow liquid to penetrate 30 seconds before wiping

Product ingredients

UPC 0-78291-51720-0
Water Dilutent: CAS #7732-18-5 Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
Dilutent: CAS #7732-18-5. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by passing the water through a membrane, (filter), where contaminants are filtered out yielding more pure quality water.
Dipropyl Glycol-n-Butyl Ether Solvent: CAS #29911-28-2 Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
A glycol ether solvent used to efficiently remove both water-soluble soils and water-insoluble oils and greases. As part of the EPA Safer Choice Program, it has been evaluated and determined to be safer than traditional chemical ingredients.
Caprylyl/Decyl Glucoside Surfactant: CAS #68515-73-1 Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
Sodium Xylene Sulfonate Hydrotrope: CAS #1300-72-7. Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
Hydrotrope: CAS #1300-72-7. An organic compound that increases the ability of water to dissolve other molecules. It is also found in personal care products as a surfactant, to modify the surface tension of water, to aid in even spreading and to allow mixing with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away. As part of the EPA Safer Choice Program, it has been evaluated and determined to be safer than traditional chemical ingredients.

California CPRKA Designated Lists ​
(4) IRIS Neurotoxicants.  https://cfpub.epa.gov/ncea/iris/search/index.cfm?sys_joint=11
(10) ATSDR Neurotoxicants. https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/substances/toxorganlisting.asp?sysid=18
(17) California MCLs. https://govt.westlaw.com/calregs/Document/I2810C4E12DCC4B40A16
(18) California TACs. https://ww3.arb.ca.gov/toxics/id/taclist.htm
Polysorbate 40 Hydrotrope: CAS #9005-66-7 Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
Sodium Polyitaconate Builder: CAS #1052620-22-0 Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
Builder: CAS #1052620-22-0
Fragrance Fragrance Component: Trade Secret Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
Fragrance Component: Trade Secret. A more environmentally responsible proprietary fragrance made in accordance with current natural and organic global regulations. See http://www.ifraorg.org/ to learn more.
Sodium Hydroxide pH Adjuster: CAS #1310-73-2 Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
California CPRKA Designated Lists 
(20) California Non-Cancer Hazards. https://oehha.ca.gov/air/general-info/oehha-acute-8-hour-and-chronic-reference-exposure-level-rel-summary
Methylisothiazolinone Preservative: CAS #2682-20-4 Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
Preservative: CAS #2682-20-4. These are preservatives with antibacterial and antifungal effects. Preservatives are natural or man-made ingredients designed to help ensure the safety and quality of products by protecting them against the growth of microorganisms during storage.
d-Limonene Fragrance Allergen: CAS #5989-27-5 Meets EPA Safer Choice Criteria
CAS #5989-27-5. This product contains the fragrance allergen d-Limonene.


Is Everyday Clean Septic Safe?

The ingredients are septic safe, but it is not tested for septic safe certification.

Why Use a Multi-Purpose Cleaner?

Our popular multi-purpose cleaner helps you spray away unwanted grime. Everyday Clean contains no bleach and works on multiple surfaces, including ceramic, granite, stainless steel exteriors and tile.

Our multi-purpose cleaner comes in several scents, including Fresh Rain, Lavender, and Clean Lemon.

Multi-purpose cleaners help you fight dirt and grime in numerous places, including on your floor, inside a microwave or on a counter. No soils or grime remain safe when CLR BrandsTM multi-purpose cleaner, Everyday Clean, comes around.

Multi-purpose cleaners offer the convenience of a one-stop bottle. For example, you can mop grime from tile floors or clean countertops where food prep occurs.

Having a multi-purpose cleaner on hand means you're always prepared for the next unexpected mess.