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Not regularly maintaining industrial equipment and vehicles can cause increased wear and prevent operating hazards to operators.  Harsh chemicals are often required when regular maintenance does not occur, which can damage equipment surfaces and can increase the risk of exposure for operators. Increase the efficiency of equipment with the CLR PRO® Industrial product line. Designed for regular maintenance on industrial and commercial vehicles and equipment, equipment stays in operating condition, increasing workplace efficiency and eliminating equipment downtime.

Easy to use: Ready to use products eliminate the need for complicated dilution equipment and extensive training, while reducing the risk of accidental exposure.

Proven effective. The formulations of CLR PRO® line of products have a 50-year track record of top-performing cleaning power, from removing stubborn stains to everyday cleaning.

Safe ingredients. Operators are particularly susceptible to health problems from frequent exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals. CLR PRO® products contain no harsh chemicals, like ammonia, phosphates, or alcohol. And are non-abrasive and have little-to-no VOCs.

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